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Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2005 ab 21h Konzert, Zentrale Randlage

Norwegian Noise European Tour 2006


"Ryfylke consisting of Sten Ove Toft and Stian Skagen stands out as some of the most interesting and sofisticated sound artists in Norway today. After their internationaly honored debut album 'Boknafjord' (2004), the duo has performed heavily around in Norway and in February/March 2005 they finished their first european tour with exclusively positive feedback all over the continent.
Ryfylke's interesting soundscapes is made up from the duos different approach indealing with sound. On the one side Toft is working with field-recordings of objects and other analog "found sound" that he carefully processes in his digital environment. These sounds are then put into an ocean of drones building it up to a maelstrom of brutal swings and layers of sonic walls. Skagen works with digital feedback, raw data files and numeric codes. This material isshattered into cascades of pulses sparkling multiplicity of atonal glitches. From their digital and analog environment, a complex soundscape of drones, glitches and detailed noise opens a dreamlike atmosphere. Seducing the audience, taking them on a disturbing tour through subtle textures that explodes in digital crackling and electric outbursts.
A Ryfylke performance is a physical experience where the listener is challenged to experience a room in constant movement."


Der Tapeman

"Der Tapeman ist eine der verstörendsten Erscheinungen innerhalb der Berliner Elektronikszene. Seine Auftritte ähneln brutalen Anschlägen, die das Gewebe der Wirklichkeit zerstören und Tore öffnen, die Zugang in fremde Dimensionen ermöglichen. "Auftritte von Tapeman vergisst man sein Leben lang nicht", schrieb der Tagesspiegel über ihn. Er selbst sagt jedoch: "Ich bin kein Musiker.Ich habe eine Welt zu retten." "

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Freitag, 10. Februar 2005 ab 21h Konzert, Zentrale Randlage

Goodbye to Berlin 2006-2011

Goodiepal - Faröer Inseln/DK

Laptop, Mechanical Bird & Voc/ Whistles

"The music of Goodiepal et cetera is often described as emanating from playgrounds, fairgrounds and other surreal grounds. Yet that image is wrong. The significance of his music is found in other constellations: It is the sound of death. Though death in the form of play."


Daisuke Ishida - Tokyo/JAP

Laptop, Synths

Daisuke Ishida is a sound artist, born in Tokyo in 1980. He started his solo activities in 2000 and treats sound as objects which he bends into simple groove sequences, gradations minimum to maximum. He participates in MobLab: Japanese-German media camp 2005 and is a member of The SINE WAVE ORCHESTRA and The SINE WAVE QUARTET, both founded 2002.

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Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2005 ab 22h Konzert, Zentrale Randlage


networked cinematographics

eine Kollaboration zwischen

PURE - Mego, dOc, Staalplaat/ Wien (A) und Erich Berger - cronica electronica/ Oslo (N).

Tonträgerunterhaltung: DJ Eric B w/o Rakim



Freitag, 18. November 2005 ab 22h Konzert, Zentrale Randlage


Everest - Everest Records - Bern (CH): Heimlich Maneuver Tour 2005

Heimlich Maneuver is the second release of Everest. The work of Swiss label owners and producers Matu and Meienberg is ambient-driven electronic music with a distinctive love for organic sounds. Matu and Meienberg use a wide variety of self-constructed, fragmented and repeating samples, abstract beats and melodic soundscapes. The twelve pieces are sometimes with rhythm, sometime only melodies and sounds.The music shifts between cool electronica and dark,unfamiliar sounds that creep in to build an atmosphere that is as hypnotic as it is disorientating. Its unlikely you'll have heard anything quite like this before..."

Das Duo EVEREST besteht aus den umtriebigen Bernern MEIENBERG und  MATU, welche das Label everestrecords führen, als r3s3t electronic  forum Konzerte veranstalten, einen Laden (mit Club-Charakter) unter  dem Namen r3s3t market führen, die letzten beiden Ausgaben der  Contemporary Culture Convention (CCC) kuratierten und mit Plate jetzt  auch noch eine Booking-Agentur ins Leben gerufen haben!! Als EVEREST  komponieren sie elektronische Konstrukte, die auf wunderbare Art  komplexe Strukturen mit groovenden Beats verbinden, die zwar vor  Techno nicht denkbar gewesen wären, aber niemals einer Beliebigkeit  oder Tanzbarkeit verfallen.



Dubbed-out producer duo Dejot and Dustbowl have set out to conquer the world on streets unspoilt by the corporate music business. Going by the name of filewile, the pair have created an agile musical force that won't be ignored. Armed with two portable computers, a mobile sound system and a speedily increasing array of tunes, filewile play out on the streets and in clubs to curious by passers and dance floor punters alike.
Their trademark sound is made up of House and Break-beat with deep and heavy Dub-Reggae influences, spiced up with the occasional foray into Funk and Soul.


Sonnabend, 19. November 2005 ab 22h Konzert, Zentrale Randlage

KGB Trio

Kim Cascone - laptop
Guido Henneböhl - geräte
Brendan Dougherty - drums

KGB is an improvising band. The unusual ensemble of Kim Cascone on laptop, Guido Henneböhl on geräte (homemade electronics) and Brendan Dougherty on drumset creates a new sound - veering away from the typical laptop/improv style and incorporating more analog noise and freejazz elements. The three members of the group supply not only a wide variety of backgrounds (computer music, free jazz, noise) but the unusual instrumentation of the trio allows them to cover the full range of sounds from digital to analogto acoustic. Cascone met the duo of Henneböhl and Dougherty during one of his yearly trips to Berlin and the group immediately gelled - fusing together the distinguished sounds of one of the pioneers of improvised electronics with some of the most extreme improvisation of the Berlin underground. The music of KGB places great importance on its sounds and presents these sounds through improvisations which travel through ambient soundscapes, energetic chaos and carefully structured compositions.



Axel Dörner (DE)- trumpet
Adam Linson (US) - bass
Brendan Dougherty (US)- drums

"The trio of Dörner/Dougherty/Linson originated out of the new music series at Zapp Live Gallery, Berlin.  The trio features three musicians, each well accomplished in the fields of electronic and composed music, but performing here on their respective acoustic instruments."


Ignaz Schick (DE) - solo electronics


Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2005 ab 21h Einweihungsparty, Zentrale Randlage


Kunstverein Buscha 11 e.V.

Infovortrag über das Projekt und den Verein, Videoperformance von Piotr Baran, Filme von Lasse Brandt, Versteigerung von Kunstwerken der Mitglieder, internationale Live-Musik mit und Tanzmusik mit DJs

Housewarmingparty with informative lecture about the art association and the Berlin project, video performance by Piotr Baran, films by Lasse Brandt, auction of members art works, live music and dance DJs.


Freitag, 2. September 2005 ab 21h Konzert, Zentrale Randlage


THE NAONIANS - Pordenone (I)

Kid Weird: voc, guitar, drum machines, electronics
Zelda Panda: voc, toysynth

Visuals: Basmati - Bologna (I)

Kid Weird and Zelda Panda know each other for over ten years. They are very best friends and used to play together in a homemade naif punkband molotov's bitch, when they were teen-agers. The two are now busy in graphics, djing and solo projects. Since they have always been fan of each other's stuff, they finally decided to play together mixing their styles and shaking their hips on the same stage.

Kid Weird is the leader of The Combo, an Italian underground band of five elements that mixes rock'n'roll, disco and punk. With her project Marzipan Marzipan Zelda Panda takes part in Berlin's pop-experimental music scene as a singer /songwriter, playing some eclectic crossover of country and lo-fi discodance. As The Naonians they shake up dirty electro-pop, 30's swing, morriconian atmospheres and charmaing beats to deliver fresh glasses full of oniric jelly.

Basmati aka Saul Saguatti is a cult resident video artist in Bologna. His experiments in animated graphics combine various styles, such as paintings, comics and illustrations.


Sonnabend, 3. September 2005 ab 21h Konzert, Zentrale Randlage

NO GUNS - phonector - Berlin
Record Release: Alternative Cycles

Christoph Reimann - samples & laptop
Gerhard Schmitt - guitar & sounds
Thomas Koch - bass
Beni Reimann - drums

Noisy loops in Verbindung mit einer klassischen Rockbandbesetzung...

trondheym - Berlin

gerhardschmitt - Guitarre & Laptop
nikolausneuser - Trompete & Laptop

Visuals: Iris Piers - Rotterdam (NL)



Sonnabend, 18. Juni 2005 von 12-20 Uhr, Zentrale Randlage


Verkauft oder tauscht Eure alten Schallplatten, CDs, Musik-DVDs, DJ-Equipment, Musikinstrumente, Soundkarten, Mikrophone, Mixer, etc. Ab September monatlich. Eintritt frei!
ostenlose Standanmeldung per e-Mail.

:30 Uhr Aftermarketshow mit

Novalastic and the Light Designist Network

Novalastic, fusing spacing electornic sound scapes with slow, fast, and bassy breakbeats with almost eyes closed and words spitting out through a microphone as fast or slow as the feeling of sound.
The Light Designist Network is a happening of microscopic visual presentations involving pieces of glass - splitting lasers and lights, with lenses on walls.


Freitag, 17. Juni 2005 ab 22h Filmabend, Zentrale Randlage

Open Screening

Moderation: minimatika

Filmemacher(i)nnen können wieder ihre selbstgedrehten Werke der Kurzfilmkunst juryfrei einem interessierten Publikum vorstellen und bekommen die Gelegenheit eines direkten Feedbacks. Das Publikum bekommt "Rote Karten" ausgehändigt und kann einen Filme mehrheitlich stoppen.
Bitte MiniDV und VHS-Tapes UNBEDINGT auf Anfang gespult mitbringen!
Vorführformate: miniDV, VHS, DVD, VCD, SVCD. Bitte nicht länger als 30 min.

Das erste Festival CIRCLES OF CONFUSION fand 1995 statt. Während der Recherche wurde vergeblich nach einer aktiven offenen Szene vernetzter unabhängiger Filmemacher in Berlin gesucht. Während des zweiten Festivals 1996 entstanden Diskussionen mit Filmemachern und Filmveranstaltern Strategien für bessere Zusammenarbeit. Als Konsequenz wurde das Projekt IFN Independent Film Network initiert. Von 1997 bis 2002 wurden Veranstaltungsreihen abgehalten, seit Anfang 2002 finden die OPEN SCREENINGS an wechselnden Orten (z.B. TARAKAN, Die Neue Aktionsgallerie, GLAM, Eschschloraque & Pavillon am Volkspark Friedrichshain, Pfefferberg, Aufbruch, Projekt-ion, zurmöbelfabrik, inn.to, Zentrale Randlage) in Berlin statt. Im September 2004 war das Open Screening Teil des offpop-Festivals und gewann den offpop-Award in der Kategorie Film.


Sonnabend, 7. Mai 2005 ab 21h Konzert, Zentrale Randlage


Erik Bünger Ensemble - Stockholm (SE)

Instruction Trio

Laptops, Joysticks & Videoprojektion

"Three musicians controlling three other musicians. Those whose main criteria of musical ability is control,
lose it in our hands. A sweet revenge for all those wasted hours with the bass guitar in front of the TV."

Rob Curgenven - Outback (AUS)


Sonnabend, 28. April 2005 ab 21h, Kap Arkona

Rainer Langhans' Alptraum

Schallplattenunterhaltung von und mit

DJ Binokel - Chicago/USA

Niki Matita - Berlin


Sonnabend, 16. April 2005 ab 21h, Konzert Kap Arkona


voice & electronics

Seit 1998 singt Manami N. und benutzt den Computer zur Komposition ihrer Musik. Mit Kenji Yamazaki spielt sie in der japanischen Band TAE. Ihren Stil könnte man als Tokyo Electronica bezeichnen, ein blumige Spielart von ambient techno, der elektronische Instrumente, Digitaltechnologie und die menschliche Stimme miteinander verbindet.

Manami N. live im Kap Arkona.

Schallplattenunterhaltung: Die Perlenperücken - Nudgeton/ USA
Swerve - Amsterdam/NL & Berlin





Galerie Ramon Haze

joint venture



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